Carver Sportsmen's Club Photo Gallery

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Circa 1930 Robbins Pond Gunning Stand..... All from Robbins Pond stand, I would guess around 1930 or so. There is a 4 Ga Double on the rack, second from the right with the underlever. Looks like its got a couple 6 Ga and 8 Ga's next to it. The live decoys were kept on site, breeding each year. The young of the year would be used as flyers, released when migrants were working the pond. The flyers would fly down to the adults and pull the migrants in with all the noise. The sign was in the parking area dropped down by cable from the stand when birds were in the pond, (dont slam the door or talk to loud). Those decoys were released around 1935 when live decoys were outlawed. These birds are believed to be the origin of our non-migratory Canada's. The picture of the crew contains some of my relatives, proving that most of my waterfowl issues are genetic.... Contributed by Craig Winsor